Crawford's clothing

In her bar, she dresses like a man in black, but when the world is falling apart around her and anything could happen, she decides to wear a full white dress. And she looked ridiculous. She was older than all of the main men in the movie.

I have never liked her in any film I've seen yet, but in this one she bordered on grotesque.

I guess it's like looking at clouds. You see one thing and I see another. Peace.


She seems to have aged worse than bette davis. As if her hard, robot-like face is already tough to look at, they slapped a thick layer of makeup on her. When that guy kissed her in the bank, it was like he was kissing his mother, I laughed like hell. This movie is campy.


"Robot-like" is a good description of Joan Crawford's face.

I thought she was good in the 1930s, in "Grand Hotel" and "The Women." Even in some of her other good movies, such as "Possessed," "Mildred Pierce," and "Sudden Fear," she was sometimes (often) ludicrous.