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Anyone else see this tonight on TCM

If you'd asked me if I felt like watching a film on corporate politics of the 50s I'd have said hell no, but I tuned in right at the hour and caught the intro with Stefanie Powers talking about how much the film had meant to William Holden and gave it a shot. Wow! It is riveting, and still relevant today, although sad if you take the position that the Shaws of the world have won. Even my 13 year old put down his game controller and watched that last board meeting intently, trying to figure out who was making what move on whom. Not sure I could have followed it all at that age, not sure I caught it all now as I have no head for business or subterfuge, but it sure does make me want to watch it again and then go watch another relevant Holden film, Network. Also I could just feel somehow that there would only be one big scene with him and Stanwyck, but that they would make it count....and they damn sure did. Just a fine movie, stellar ensemble all around, transcending genres.