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A Movie with similar plot? (SOLVED)

Does anyone recall a different movie but with strong plot similarity? I have sought information, unsuccessfully, about it for many years. In fact, it was the first question I asked of "Stump the Experts" in the 90's, prior to its newer incarnation as IMDb. Even the Board for Westerns yielded a dead end.

This is what I recollect:

1) I saw it in the early 50's, part of a double feature along with a Sci-Fi
2) Technicolor
3) Set in the West, probably in the post Civil War era.
4) An evening view of Devil's Tower (Wyoming) and an implication that it was
occupied by the "baddies"
5) The "baddies" were sufficiently well-armed to cause a halt to progress of a
train, either initial construction or a scheduled run
6) Attempts to dislodge them from below failed because they were just beyond
range of the railroad's defenders...until:
7) A flatcar mounted cannon (military) was brought in to successfully shell the night. It was far, far bigger than any cannon used in Kansas
(1953); and it was integral to the flatcar, with heavy armor and riveted
metal plates. Caliber unknown, but obviously it had more range than anything
else in common use of that era.

Any help, suggestions, or additional information would be appreciated.

The film sought appears to be Drums in the Deep South (1951)
Setting was neither the West nor post Civil War...but rather the South
and during the Civil War. User Reviews for that film mention the
inappropriate implication of the Devil's Tower translocation to Georgia!
There has even been information revealed concerning the type of
military cannon likely implied.

Actually, I can't complain about memory for some of the details from
that long ago...I suspect I had considered it as just a double feature
filler, since I was more likely anxiously awaiting the Sci-Fi
co-feature that evening!



The Randolph Scott movie "Canadian Pacific" (1949) had a rather similar plot but "Indians" (Native Americans, First Nations, etc.) were involved and I don't remember a shot of Devil's Tower which would have been out of place.



Thank you for your reply...I will have to check out Canadian
(1949) as it sounds interesting.

However, I believe the search has ended (and I have edited the
original post to so reflect). I can only hope that your reply was
just something you pulled out of your memory and not something
you spent much time or effort researching!


Another movie with a similar plot was made in 1950 called Rock Island Trail which was about a railroad and bridge across the Mississippi River that was to connect Illinois to the West. It was set about 1857 if my memory is correct but here the conflic between the railroad led by Forest Tucker and the Steamboats and Stagecoach lines led by Bruce Cabot. Jeff Corey appears briefly in the movie as Abe Lincoln while he was still an attorney.


Thank you for your reply.

I have always enjoyed Forrest Tucker, but I don't believe
I ever saw that one. I will try to find it.


Bob McK, as I was reading Your recollections of that movie, I quickly realised it was Drums in the Deep South, as I watched it only a couple of months before Kansas Pacific. But then I've noticed You solved it several years before I watched any of these movies, so I couldn't help You earlier either. Anyway, I'm glad You've found Your answer as I know how bothering that can be!