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With a song in my heart out on DVD this fall ! is it true ?

I have read on some forums that the Susan Hayward classic will be released this fall as a part of the Fox marquee musicals series but nobody gives a precise date.

I have been to Movies unlimited 's site to find "Song " listed as forthcoming DVD release for this coming fall

Is it real or only a rumour?

Please somebody tell us it is true.I have been waiting for this superlative technicolor musical to be released on DVD for years and years..

Does someone has date of release?

Let's pray the time has come at last...for the memory of both Susan hayward and Jane Froman and for their thousands of fans all over the world.


It is coming on November 13th!!!! It's TRUE!!!!!!!

Karine Philippot


Thank you Karine.

You made my day!

At last Susan Hayward at the height of her beauty and carreer in technicolor on DVD!