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Why is this film so expensive?

I love adventure and swashbuckling films, so I'd like to buy it. Then I checked it on Amazon and new copies of the 2003 release of the DVD are selling for $94.97... Even the used ones are going for around $40 at the least.

Why so expensive?? Is it worth it to buy this film used for $40? Sounds a little ridiculous, even if it is very good.

Especially when most very good classics can be found on Amazon new for like $10.

Now, where was I?


Supply-and-demand. Warner Home Video has apparently gone out-of-print on this title as an 'official' release - it will probably resurface at some point as a made-to-order DVD under their Warner Archives program. Sad, though, that such a terrific film is temporarily out of circulation.

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I came here because I stumbled across the swordfight scene on Youtube.

Glad my mom recorded it way back when, and eq1ually glad I transferred it to DVD-r!


The TCM shop has gobs of classic movies that are usually pretty hard to find. They have Scaramouche on DVD for $16.99.
I checked Amazon out of curiosity, and they have new copies for $9.99.
We have an old VHS copy that's still in great shape, but I might be investing in the DVD for myself. It's an amazing film.


Just to say, I hope you were able to find an affordable copy. I can't get this in the UK so I recorded it of the telly. It's precious and god forbid if it got deleted!


The sets looked pretty expensive for this movie, especially the opera house. Maybe thats why the DVD costs so much.


Yeah, I don't have my recorded copy anymore because when my husband upgraded our cable box he just gave it to the cable man. I was like 'why did you do that!' My Scaramouche was on that box and also Orphans of the Storm, which I'll probably never be able to see again, unless there's an all-region DVD of it.


The situation is the same for DVD's, CD,s and Books; any kind of media format that is made for a while then discontinued, i.e. goes in and out of print. Just start looking things up on Amazon sometime and you'll run into the phenomenon. A CD is 14.99 when in print and as soon as it goes out of print it's 40.00-100.00 or more. Amazon lists sellers by price and when collectors buy the "lower" priced items you may find a CD or DVD priced over a thousand dollars as I have a few times. These are just scalpers, like ticket scalpers. When Proctor & Gamble stopped making Crest Vanilla Mint toothpaste they were scalping it on Amazon for 25.00 a tube. They'll scalp anything.

Lately studios do a lot of "on demand" DVD's so you may try a studio site. Amazon has begun doing some CD's by demand, usually those at high prices, though I don't know if they are doing DVD's. I streamed Scaramouche tonight as a rental, but could have bought a cloud copy for 9.99. You can also just be patient. Over the last few years I've gotten most of the overpriced CD's on my list because eventually someone will offer it at a normal price (not low but not scalper-priced). You just have to check periodically.

A week later: I finally checked Amazon and everybody seems to be selling the DVD for around $15.00 so it must be back in print again. Need I say get it now or forever hold your peace.


I have just watched this movie on a region 1 Netflix DVD which is a Warner Home Video release (2003?). Check the Warner Archives website to see if it's available for sale there, even tho it's an MGM production.

Hint: set your aspect ratio to 4:3 to see this as 1952 audiences did.

The color remains outstanding for a 1952 effort! Brit Charles Rosher's lush photography is outstanding, also. The horseback riding scenes alone are worth the price of the DVD. I believe they were filmed in a park in San Francisco.

If you want to enjoy an MGM Hollywood flick made toward the end of its Golden Era, this is a perfect one.

Pay the asking price and you won't sell the DVD when you're done watching it !

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