Oh Lawd, the melodrama!

This has to be one of the worst movies of all time. Charlton Heston's ridiculous voice is impossible to get past. It's like he specifically tried to create the lounge singer version of spoken dialogue. It was hilarious!

I could swear there was the sound effect of monkeys in the background of the North Carolina swamp. Now, I may have been born and raised in Western NC, but I can pretty much tell you the swamps of Eastern NC don't have any monkeys.

Jennifer Jones clearly needed to stick with playing more subdued highbrow characters, because her overacting of the low-class, overly expressive female lead was so over the top as to be unbelievable.

Carl Malden performed as well as could be expected, but what did he have to work with? What a weird and creepy character. Ick.

Filmmakers try emulate great Southern gothic stories by making up for the lack of a good story with a lot of sex. They ended up with a steamy and silly emotional swamp. I can see myself watching this again with childhood friends for laughs.


I totally agree! First (and only) time I saw the movie was when it came out in '52 and I was in high school. We laughed at the melodrama then, especially the final scene of crawling through the swamp. My husband wondered why I was watching the silly thing last night, but I had to go back to my teen-aged years and see how super-bad this movie was.


You wouldn't know a cult classic if it hit you in the face, woman!



I'm watching that scene now. The sounds aren't from a monkey/ape. That's the call of a kookaburra, which is found in Australia~meaning it's still goofy.


There's scarcely a jungle picture that doesn't have a few of these cries as sound effects. I suppose they figure that they're unidentifiable to most people.

Here's another effect used many times:


*** The trouble with reality is there is no background music. ***



Very interesting with the sound effects. My Mom grew up in Eastern North Carolina. I should ask her how overrun they were with pea fowl and Kookaburra . LOL.

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It just tickles me when the "laughing" bird shows up so often in movies, from U.S. forests/woods to the Amazon jungle=} I wonder how the sound effect is labeled that it ends up being used so often and incorrectly.

I hear peacocks in many movies with no rhyme or reason. I'm familiar with their call because, when we lived in Florida for about a year back in the Fifties, we heard their calls every day from a nearby zoo. BTW: When I would visit Rockome Gardens north of here, I always had chats with the peacocks. It's hilarious how they would at first cock their heads looking for this other bird then give up and start answering~just in case.

*** The trouble with reality is there is no background music. ***