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Ruby looks a little old to be competing for Boake

Not that Jones was that much older than Heston in real life, but she could have passed for the older sister of the blond fiance.
Sorry Ruby, should have bagged before he went to South America.


1. So what about Miss Jones' actual age as opposed to that of her character? The lady was STILL sizzling hot! What more do you need for the steamy romance genre?

2. Consider the prologue and the epilogue of the film's narrative; in these scenes, Ruby (the character) now appears quite a bit older than Jones (the actress, age 32 or 33 during filming.)

3. The whole business of acting would fail as an industry if EVERYBODY in every play from ancient Greek days through the Shakespearian era, to the present day's stage, movies and television, ALWAYS played their own age.

Okay folks, show's over, nothing to see here!