$5000, a sample.

When Yost is attempting to bribe Brown 28 minutes into the movie, he hands him what looks like 2 bills and says its $5000. Does anyone know what denomination those bills likely were?

I've rewatched it in slow-mo and can see there might be more than 2 bills there, but the stack doesn't seem thick enough to be $100's. Was there a $2500 bill at one time??


There was a $5,000 bill. It could haven been two $1,000 bills plus a $500?

Sadly, they were taken out of circulation in the early 1970s.

BTW, there was a $100,000 bill but it was strictly for interbank transactions within the Federal Reserve System and the Department of the Treasury. They may have been eliminated in favor of electronic transfers.


Yeah, that was weird. No, there were not more than two bills there. No, there's never been a $2,500 bill.