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Very Rare Framed + Autographed Print

In case there are any Carrie movie or Laurence Olivier fans interested...

I have a very rare framed and autographed (by Laurence Olivier) ad for this movie. It is large, black and white, and was purchased at an antique store in Sarasota Florida. My Grandmother had purchased it for me because my name is Carrie and my mother named me after the film. There doesn't appear to be another framed print like it out there... I have tried to research it and came up empty handed. I've never had it appraised.

If anyone out there would be interested in taking a look and purchasing it if they like it, please contact me. I will send pictures to anyone interested as soon as I can. Feel free to contact me at donnasbox @ (no spaces).


Oh, you should not sell such a personal treasure!
Please study the film further and learn why it was considered worthy of naming you after it...

Also check out Brian de Palma's Carrie :)


Im sure the same poster has a signed print of LAURA ad (with the same background story), a signed ANNIE HALL as (with..yawn...the same background story), she will change her name to relate to any piece of fake signature she wants to sell to gullible fools looking for a nice romantic back story, lol, IMDB is awash with these con artists.