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Name of Waltz in the film?

I am smitten with the lovely, swelling waltz that plays most prominently in the scene where Carrie comes to the bar/restaurant to meet Charlie for dinner, unwittingly meeting Hurstwood for the first time. I know the song was crafted by David Raskin, but does anyone have a title for the piece? I would love to own it!


The place I would normally look is the "Soundtrack Listing" page for CARRIE in the IMDB listing, but I see there is no such page for CARRIE.

I suspect the music to which you refer has no title but is just incidental music composed for the film.

I'm a fan of David Raksin's music, too, but I'm afraid the CARRIE soundtrack is simply not available.

I believe, if you own the DVD or video tape, you can make a single audio recording for your own personal enjoyment. That might have to do until someone does finally record the CARRIE soundtrack.