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Currier and Ives / Thomas Kinkade Comparison

The review of this film by "liscarkat," entitled "Almost the Worst Fred Astaire Musical," says that "the paintings of Courier and Ives <were> the Thomas Kinkades of the 19th century."

This is a *serious* slam on Currier & Ives, whose elegant artwork still graces greeting cards today, nearly 200 years later. A better comparison might be to some of Norman Rockwell's work.

Kinkade's "art" is pure cheese: kitschy QVC pablum. Wikipedia claims that his "works" are in 10% of U.S. homes, proving once again that we Americans are the least-informed people on the planet, particularly when it comes to the arts (and politics for that matter, but that's for a different post).


emphatically do i agree with Niro. Currier and Ives also provided "hard" news illustrations to newspapers in the days before photos could be printed.

thomas kinkade has a new line of tombstones out,and those who choose them deserve them for eternity.