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spoiler 2 questions about husband + brother

I thought this movie was really good. After it was over though, I wondered if I missed exactly why the husband was killed & also what was the point of the letter to the brother? It was suspicious because of the date & the stationery but other than getting Glenn Ford to Trinidad it remained a mystery.


It did leave some of the details hanging, and IMO it 'rushed' the ending. I don't think the explanation of the letter, or the brother's death was even hinted at....but will rewatch it.

IMO the film seemed seemed to be trying too hard to be "Gilda". This isn't to say I didn't like it, I just was a disappointed with the ending.

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I believe the husband was simply killed because Max wanted Chris. That's a simple enough reason, and it is backed up by what some of them say in the film. However, I didn't understand why he wrote to Steve, unless it's because Neil suspected Max was going to kill him and wanted to leave one last sign.

I thought the ending was rushed too. Fading straight to them on the boat. And while I think Rita and Glenn have great chemistry, the kiss seemed forced somewhat... I think they should've talked a bit more or made a joke or something that would lead into it. But all in all I adored this film

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it was an odd ending, the way it cut away as Glenn made his way up the stairs. there was still a henchman to kill and Rita to rescue. I can only assume something that was filmed was cut out?


I wonder if the husband was killed because he got greedy. But I like the way it's explained in the Frequently Asked Questions part of the main page:

"Assuming Steve was working with Max, Neil may have been trying to bring Steve in for a part of the action. It's also possible that Neil just found out about Max's plan to make Trinidad a base for an enemy attack on major cities in the U.S., and he contacted brother Steve (ex-military who flew B-29 bombers during the War) to help him stop Max."