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French Songs - Who is the singer and what are the title names?

This is a newer version of a subject already posted on this listing. Does anybody know the correct titles and artist of the French songs used in this film?

This has infuriated me for years too. There are in fact several different French songs used in the film, one of them being Adieu Mon Coeur, but none of them can be found on the Bernard Hermann soundtrack available online. These songs are used as background for Danielle Darrieux's scenes and when James Mason reminisces on the Rio balcony at the end of the film. For instance, in that last scene it starts with a rather happy tune (not sure of the title) then fades to Adieu Mon Coeur. I too have listened to all the Edith Piaf songs I could find, but no luck. I then thought Danielle Darrieux may be the singer, but I was not able to find any of the songs within her considerable work - even though she sang in the same style in the 40s. I can't even find a version of Adieu Mon Coeur she might have sung. Would love to know the names of the songs and confirm the singer, plus to find a way to acquire the recordings digitally. Anybody know?