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Why Have I Never Heard Of This Movie?

It is excellent!!!


You've never heard of this one, because for some idiotic reason it has not been shown on TV for about 30 years. It is wonderful and was a true story. Some months ago I wrote TCM to ask if they would show it. Can't say that my letter did the trick, but they did show it recently and hopefully they will keep it in their rotation.


I recall the first time I saw it. It was featured in the first season of NBC's Saturday Night at the Movies.

Anyway, I would have been 11 years old, so, I watched it because, my parents watched it. It was only after later viewings as an adult that I came to understand and appreciate it.


for some idiotic reason it has not been shown on TV for about 30 years

Not so, mdudnikov. 5 Fingers has been frequently shown on TV for decades. I first caught it in the 70s and many times since. True, until the 90s this was local TV so seeing it depended on where you lived (in the New York City area it was run often), but it was later repeatedly shown on AMC, then Fox Movie Channel and its successor FXM, and occasionally on Cinemax and other channels, as well as its brief stint on TCM.

Broadcasting aside, it was long available on VHS from Fox, and was later put out on DVD in Britain and France.

The main problem is that for some inexplicable reason Fox never released it on DVD in the U.S. until several months ago, when it came out on their MOD Fox Cinema Archives line. Of course a higher-quality pressed disc would have been preferable but the FCA disc is decent.

It is a terrific film that should be more widely known.


It is wonderfully written, acted and directed. Everyone should see it!