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How did he know the combination of the safe?

Did I miss something?

How did Cicero know the combination of the Ambassador's safe? He seemed to be able to open it effortlessly every time. And how did he know the combination after they'd changed it?

Also, why did the alarm sound on his last attempt? He seemed to have dialled in the combination to open it, so why did it sound when the cleaning lady replaced the fuse?

I've probably misunderstood something very simple here, so can someone clear it up for me?




I don't think the movie made explicit how Cicero knew the new combination to the safe, just that he was an eavesdropper, a keen observer, and a good guesser. However, the security staffer who installed the alarm explained that it was triggered by dial movement [not by door movement or by the safe's being in an unlocked or open state]. Cicero didn't know about the hidden alarm cutoff switch, so he pulled the fuse for the circuit that powered the alarm and was able to dial the combination and open the safe without triggering the alarm. Unbeknownst to him, the cleaning lady replaced the fuse while he had the safe open. When he closed the safe, he turned the dial to relock it, and that's what set off the alarm.


Good one. Thanks!


Also the combination may not have been changed yet. The alarm guy said it would take about a week to change it.