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Question badly need to be answered

Does anybody know the name of the bar where jackie gleason did the skit as joe the bartender?


And who played the drunk at the bar? My parents watched this show, and I remember there was always the drunk man who could barely stand up, but at the cue from Joe the Bartender (Gleason) would sing a song in the most amazingly beautiful voice, then drop right back into the drunk role.


That was Frank Fontaine who played Crazy Guggenheim. He even released an LP called, "Songs I Sing on The Jackie Gleason Show".

As for the name of Joe's bar, I think it was just Joe's. In the hour long Christmas episode of The Honeymooners (the same in which Jackie appears as most of his characters while Ralph is on a potatoe salad run), Alice makes a comment about Ralph stopping off at Joe The Bartender's. Later, Norton comes in talking about Reggie Van Gleason buying out "the bar downstairs" for the night. It turns out to be Joe's, who makes an appearance himself.

By the way, Mr. Dennehey, whom Joe speaks to in those sketches, was named after the owner of the building in which Jackie and his mother lived when he was a teenager... 328 Chauncey Street! The Kramdens apartment was designed by Gleason to reflect how he and his mother lived. Gleason fell in love with one of Dennehey's daughters, and the old man wouldn't let them see each other. He called Jackie "a bum".