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I didn't know this was a Remake

When I started watching yesterday I wondered why Ethel Barrymore's name was missing from the credits? Then I realized that version was the original and I had only seen this version. Having seen both I think this version is better. In the '35 version too many people knew about the gang in her house for nothing to have been done sooner. In this version the 'Kind Lady' only had her maid Rose to really worry about her daily well being. The endings were completely different also.


In the 1935 version the banker has come to the house with a check which totals all of the lady's money. The intruder and his gang have cleaned out her bank account and plan to kill her & leave the country. The banker after being passed a note from the woman gets suspicious. The gang realizes it and try to detain him also but he throws a vase through the front window alerting police who are already outside. The woman's nephew-in-law realized he'd been lied to by the intruder who told him his wife's aunt had gone abroad.

In the 1951 version the intruder is moments away from having one of his henchmen throw the lady out an upstairs window so the police will think she went crazy & jumped. But with the help of the intruder's wife (who was against all that was done) she switches places with the body of her maid who the group had murdered earlier. The police break in and demand to see the woman who lives there. Shocking the intruder who didn't know his wife helped thwart the woman's murder.

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Haven't seen the '51 version, but I loved the Basil Rathbone version ... most of his villains were suave, but in this and in David Copperfield, (as Murdstone), he is a despicable brute, but as always, tremendously menacing.

But you ARE Blanche ... and I AM.


I did not know either. I would love to see the Basil Rathbone version.