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amazing,needs a dvd,MI5/Special Branch detail.

I have long been obsessed by SEVEN DAYS TILL NOON,which is a similar film of a similar vintage but it is many years since I saw this one on tv.

It is not on dvd but it should be,critics have been snooty about this one,if you can find someone who admits to having seen it but I like it for the following reasons,

great locations,like an Ealing film,lots of shots of East London and Westminster,
the script fits the period but seems quaint now,1950,Korean War,communists around the world trying to undermine western war effort,strikes and sabotage in mainland europe but less so in Britain,but if the British communists had not been such stronger who knows?

The tone of the film might seem shrill now but there were people prepared to spy for the USSR and people prepared to do sabotage if they were asked,MI5 had files on all these people and the way they used the information is shown to some extent in the film.

The way that front organisations were used is also shown in the film.

I managed to see this with the aid of a friend but would be happy a dvd,lesser films from the period are on dvd and the directors are well known so why not a dvd?