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Nothing about this movie makes sense to me. I try to be open-minded and started to watch it a second time but I just couldn't do it. Someone, please explain a few things and don't just tell me how good you think it is.

1. What's the point of this movie? Is it supposed to be some great love story; if so, between whom – Julie and Jean, her parents? I don't see it at all. Jean’s supposedly loved her since he was a child but he just wanted to use her?

2. What’s the deal with that girl that’s chasing Jean around then has a romp in the hay with the weird guy named Hand?

3. Why don't Julie's flashbacks match up with Jean's. If he was around when she was young why didn't he know about her boy stage or the big fire that burned their house? He lives just across the lake and can see the house from there. Supposedly, the house wasn't fully repaired because the mother's lover ran off with their money yet I never see the damage. It seems this would be known in the village even to newcomers.

4. What's up with Julie's mother; is she crazy or evil or both. If people see through her and know what she's like, why do they (her husband and daughter) keep being sucked in by her? Why was she still around?

5. Why do they have such a fancy outhouse and why doesn't Jean know what it is? If the main house has one, assuming it was theirs since it's so fancy, wouldn't the poor peasants use outhouses and know what it was?

I could go on but these are the issues that stand out the most right now.