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Airs on TCM August 6, 2010

It's still the dubbed version. Not only dubbed, but with no closed captioning.

Luckily they have film clips of it on the TCM web site so I could tell.


it looks like they're speaking English though. I guess it's just really well dubbed.

Oh well, I'll have to find it un-dubbed one day.

Edit: Upon watching further, only Ingrid Bergman and Alexander Knox look like they're speaking English. I'm guessing since they are the only non Italians they may have done there lines in English to be dubbed into Italian for release, then dubbed back for this release. Because wile it looks like they're speaking English, and that is certainly her voice, it doesn't quite match.


I assume, knowing what I know about Italian cinema, that it was all dubbed. Everyone spoke their most natural language, and then the film was dubbed into Italian and English. Bergman did her English lines, and I can only guess that she did the Italian as well. It was the rule for Italian films then, and much later as well, to film without sound, and post-synch later.

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