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Comment about different versions

I watched this on a Criterion DVD (the two disc set for just this film title). One of the extras was a film historian explaining the four different versions - two Italian and two American (there are others in other languages of course). The Venice Film Festival version titled Europa '51 at 118 min with subtitles is what I watched. The release for the Italian theatres is shorter by about five minutes because of requests from the government at the time. The main American English-language version, titled Europe '51) is 109 min and is further pared down because of the communist scare in the USA during this era [think Korean War] - much less discussion of politics, down play of how the government is not helping the populace, no mention of labor strikes or worker strife and referring to the husband of Bergman's character as an ambassador instead of an American automobile industrialist as in the Venice version. This last point is how you can generally tell which version a reviewer is referring to. The extra I referred to was very insightful and made me realize and appreciate how different a film can be when viewed as the director intended or as marketing concerns dictated or in this case as political climates required. I am not sure which version TCM airs but will check that out the next time I see this film coming up.