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Totally Favorite Time of the Series

For many years on the old IMDB boards, fans would discuss their favorite era of ILL. For
many, it was the first year, as they loved the fresh, romantic interplay between Lucy and
Ricky. For others, it was the second year, because they loved the baby stuff.

While I have always named season three as my fave (and still do), I want to elaborate and
say that my very favorite "time period" - as opposed to season, is the end of season two,
right when they switch apartments to the beginning of season four, with the non-Hollywood
episodes. In other words, from "The Ricardos Change Apartments" to "Ethel's Birthday."

Artistically, I think season four is the best in totality. But I love that second apartment,
the shows, the youth of the cast, and arch bitchery of Ethel (who would soften a lot in
the following years). The Hollywood shows are great, but I slightly prefer the simplicity
of their life in "3D." (Oh, yeah, it was also "3B").

If I had to choose a second time period, it would be those last 13 shows in Connecticut.



I totally agree! Those seasons were just gold. I love the Hollywood episodes but before that when its just them in the apartment is so good. So many good episodes that I've watched again and again. "The Ricardos Change Apartments" is one of my favs. I also love the Connecticut ones too, I always think about what a full season in Connecticut would have been like.


I agree. The time period between their move to the new apartment and before the Hollywood episodes is the best. It's amazing how the writers came up with fresh ideas every week. Those episodes were unique and funny. And yes, there was a "simplicity" to their lives.

The actors had so much charisma and chemistry that they kept the audience interested in their lives week after week. They didn't need guest stars, at least not often.

Sometimes I get in the mood for the early episodes with all the "romantic interplay." I find it interesting that The Ricardos look and act like newlyweds considering that Lucy and Ricky were supposed to have been married for ten years when the show began. They still acted like they were on their honeymoon.


While it takes awhile for the show to get under way (so many early shows are a bit arch), there's no denying
the potent sexuality between Lucy and Ricky (because of Lucy and Desi).

There is one closing scene at the end of a season one show that is so powerful. I forget which episode, but in
this brief scene, they are lying together in (ONE!) bed, and Ricky swoops Lucy into an intense kiss. As the satin
heart closes, there is no doubt that the characters will make love. (Hopefully, not the ACTORS - they were, after all,
in front of a crew and a studio audience!!!).

PJ has mentioned that she likes this time period because of the heavy romantic element. I'm more concerned
with the comedy. But I will say this: As a kid, I was absolutely STUCK on Desi Arnaz. I didn't understand
why. Not until my teens did I get it...Oh, THAT'S why...:)


Oh it's not just the romantic element! A lot of those early episodes were very funny such as The Operetta with Ethel's solo as "Lily of the Valley". The episode when Lucy is always late and Ricky puts her on a strict schedule is a favorite of mine from the early years.

But I like seeing Lucy and Ricky in love. I like the Connecticut episodes a lot, but at that point the Ricardo marriage seemed to reflect the real life Arnaz marriage. I think the only time Lucy and Ricky are physically close is during the hilarious tango dance for the PTA.


While I agree that Lucy seems ga-ga over Ricky, and Ricky has this sort of liquid sexuality about him, I
don't think they seem NOT in love in the Connecticut shows. To me, Lucy and Desi's private issues
didn't bleed into the characters. At least not to me. Also, the gooey sexiness of their playful kisses
evaporates LONG before the end of the series. I don't see this kind of kissy-kissy stuff between them
in season two and beyond (except on occasion).

From everything I've read, Ball and Arnaz, while definitely in a troubled marriage, fought until the very
end of '59 to attempt to save their union. Or at least Lucy did. They would go on long trips (one to
Europe). I also believe that part of their stopping "I Love Lucy" as a weekly show had to do with
their desperate need to slow down and take stock. ILL would cease production as a half-hour
sitcom in spring '57, but they wouldn't divorce until spring '60.

Still, Lucy was once quoted as saying, "The last five years were sheer, unadulterated hell." So, she
meant, I guess, serious problems from '55 onward.


One such occasion was "Sentimental Anniversary". They really seemed happy in that episode. But I suppose the honeymoon has to end sometime! Their relationship matured in the later seasons. But I still enjoy watching Lucy go all moony-eyed over Ricky in the early shows.

Remember in a first season episode when she told Ethel, "I'm just sticky about Ricky."

Another "time" I enjoy are the episodes on the ship and in Europe. Lucy desperately wants a second honeymoon with Ricky. The Mertzes have a romantic interlude because of the way the sea air affected Fred (who knew he had it in him? lol) Lucy tries to make Ricky jealous when she partners up with Kenneth for shipboard activities.


To me, Lucy and Ricky just seem like a typical married couple of 16 years by the time they move
to the country. Lucy's love by this point seems to be measured by her old jealousy, at this point
and time by Diana Jordan (Barbara Eden).

One complaint: The writers emphasize that Lucy and Ricky are married 13 years in "Sentimental
Anniversary", yet on their NEXT anniversary, in Hollywood, it's their 15th (!) anniversary. Worse,
yet, they seem to stop time by being married for only 15 years for the rest of the series!!!! (Little
Ricky's still a toddler in Hollywood, but by the time Superman's there for his FIFTH birthday, Ricky
tells Superman they've been married - for FIFTEEN YEARS!! STILL.


They did age Little Ricky from toddler to school age between seasons five and six. But I never thought about Ricky telling Superman that they were married for 15 years. In that case, the years just don't add up right!

In the first season the Ricardos were married for 10 years, weren't they? So they should have had Little Rick if he was 5 when they were married 15 years.

The one thing that gets me about their Hollywood anniversary is that Ricky has NO idea when it is! In Sentimental Anniversary he bought Lucy the Stone Martens weeks before their anniversary. In the first season, he bought Lucy pearls for their anniversary. So how come he suddenly got amnesia? lol


Yeah, the forgetting of anniversaries, and the women - best friends, yet - not knowing each other's
ages, never felt real to me.