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Ricky's funniest mis-pronunciation that Lucy mock repeated

"issee share" instead of "easy chair."


He can't put his TUR-tle in that thin... Lucy's reply is equally hilarious

Now wait a minute, I didn't mean that lireterally

Ricky refers to Lucy wanting to meet the Quinn of England

Howdy par-ner think I'll muzzy on down to the...

But honey you can(t) go to Europe without your brr cerTIFicate

Where is your passaport?!


In one of the Hollywood episodes Lucy accuses Ricky of being a sneek.

Ricky: A snick?

Lucy: Alright a snick.


Dunt instead of don't.



I sympathize I had immigrant parents and my friends and me always had a good giggle at my dads very bad broken english.


One of my favorites is when Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, and Fred were taking some silly survey in Redbook ,something called, "Is Your Spouse A Louse?," one of whose questions required the partner to list all of his former flames. Lucy went to town with her list, in an innocent effort to make Ricky jealous. To get back at Lucy, Ricky named some woman that he subconsciously from his past.

When Lucy grilled him on the woman, Ricky, miffed at all the men Lucy had listed, said of a woman in Cuba, "You know, t was just one of those things" with his accent. Lucy suspiciously replied, "Oh, just one of those thins, huh?"


Ricky: These are my best pair of blue jins!
Lucy: They maybe your best blue "jins," but they're disgraceful.

Ricky: He can't put his tuttle in that thin.
Lucy: Little Ricky, you can't put your tuttle in that thin.