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A true, sad, funny, masterpiece

You can almost hear Max Ophüls chuckling at the characters in this movie.
A true, sad, funny, masterpiece. And relevant. I was watching this with a friend and when we go out now, you can see the types out in at restaurants in America in 2008. They never face each other. They are both looking out, facing the same direction, they aren’t dating each other. They are dating space.
This sort of society has switched oddly from Vienna to America, the odd precipitation of people living with bubble money as it is was the case for the past decade or so; money derived from being part of a rising boat, but not really from excellent individual work. All these types expect monogamy but they are not. They demand details of what your doing, but when you ask about what they are…always vague and non committal. While that sounds good, to them, it doesn’t work out.
As after a certain age, the only people playing that game, are exactly the same way so they simply pass each other off to different people, as uncommitted and selfish as they are. And in turn you get a bunch of people, woefully underdeveloped emotionally, splintered mentally, and as the years go by increasingly distrustful of others, because they assume people act exactly like them, thus even if they wanted to, they couldn’t perceive genuine as their gaze has been so corrupted.

And around…and around…and around and around …they go…

Arthur Schnitzler is a wonderful writer, too.


Great post for a great movie.

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The OP's comments exemplify what Walbrook's narrator says at the beginning - people never see reality in the round. The film, for what I can see of reality :), was more benevolent towards humanity than is the OP from his/her comments.

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Need to see this from beginning to end, but I have to say that regarding what I did see, zurichpoet clinched it.

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