Her Father

Where was he during the trial?


The film showed her mother and father at home. He wouldn't even read the newspapers so I expect he didn't attend the trial.

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You may have missed the fact that her father shaped Madeleine's character in many ways. She was extremely confident due to him, as you can see him frequently compliment her. His extreme overbearing and strictness led to her being rebellious. Her overconfidence led to her sloppiness in love and in her possible crime. Her father was not at the trial because of his personality- his pride would never allow him to go to the trial.



What's surprising is that she had anyone there to support her. Perhaps, like her fiancĂȘ, they didn't know at first the extent of her relationship with L'Angelier or how much of it would come out. Her father knew enough and didn't care to know more. Truthfully, knowing or not knowing what she had done was't the problem. He certainly wouldn't have cared to know more and he didn't want his family's good name and reputation ruined but he stayed away because she had lied and betrayed them and thrown away all they had tried to do for her.

Madeleine's behavior would have been scandalous and shocking at the time the movie was made in 1950. Imagine how much worse it would have been a hundred years prior. Having a secret relationship with a man, ignoring her parents' wishes, sneaking off to meet the guy or sneaking him into the family home, having sex, writing all those intimate and revealing letters just wasn't done; especially by a lady of her status, class, background, and breeding.

Frankly, I'm surprised Madeleine wasn't found guilty solely on the basis of all the societal laws she had broken. Public opinion must have been against her but the jurors seem to have considered and made their decision only on the evidence that was presented at trial. Good for them!

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