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A few background books and films recommendation.

Back in the 60’s in the library of my old man I found the book “La isla de la Kon Tiki” (The Kon Tiki island) by Bengt Danielsson. At the time there was this series running on the local TV in Venezuela, called “Adventures in Paradise” (, featuring this guy, the captain of the sail ship “Tiki”. I guess the association of the name of the book and the ship, caught my interest, because I liked very much the series.

I enjoyed very much Danielsson’s narration of his return to Raroia and one full year of his life among the people of the island to which the Kon Tiki arrived in his trip.

Then someone of my family recommended to read the book “Kon Tiki”, by Heyerdhal, which I also read with pleasure.

Afterwards, by some circumstance, I read the book “Aku-Aku”, by the same Heyerdhal, about his trip and research on Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Very interesting piece of work.

Recently, in 2012, I had the opportunity to make it to Rapa Nui and it was a magical trip.

There is also a TV program by National Geographic “Kon-Tiki. The Incredible True Story”, (23 minutes), in queue to watch.

And also the film Rapa Nui, a recreation of the Easter Island, with many licenses.

I still have to make it to Raroia ;-)



I just finished watching the 2012 film I was surprised they did not mention the importance of the navigation with daggerboards, which is described in the book (IIRC) as the key for controlling the direction of the raft.

I remember Heyerdhal describing two or more daggerboard to both sides of the rear of the raft.

Let's see if in the documental he talks about that. I am on the first minutes.