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THE FURIES and Walter Huston's death...

Huston died of an aortic aneurysm a few months before this film was released, so I'm guessing it was not long after the film was made. If you'll notice in the film, the 66-year-old Huston did many of his scenes on location and participated in the rigorous action as much as any cast member. In one scene he trudges into the mud (up to his thighs) to rescue a stuck calf. In another he wrestles with a steer. In the latter sequence, a stunt man is used in long shots as he struggles with the "bull rogue." But in close shots, it's definitely Huston bringing the (obviously drugged) bull down. That's a lot to ask of a man his age (66 at the time of the shoot). So I'm wondering if the rigors of the film contributed to his death.

It reminds me of 59-year-old Clark Gable's work on THE MISFITS out in the Nevada desert roping wild horses in 110-degree heat. He wanted to prove he could still do those kinds of roles. And he had a severe heart attack and died in the hospital not long after finishing the film.


Nah, it was probably his diet more than anything. If a person has to go, better to suddenly die while still relatively healthy than from a long bout with disease. No matter which way, he died while he was still on top and doing what he loved to do. If only we should be so lucky.