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great film...the gal who plays Angela Phinlay is the best

Phinlay. Is that pronounced Fine-lay?

Why is this film noir? Because we know no one is going to get away with anything, despite the burglary being meticulously planned because of the film code, but we watch anyway.

At the end, I wanted for Doc to somehow run into Angela to see what he would do with the loot? What a vice.

The director John Huston put together a nice ensemble cast with an intriguing story. The cast play their character roles in an exquisite manner making us root for a few to get away with the robbery. It adds to the darkness of the story as it pulls us into it.

Which characters did you want to see get away with the crime? Which characters did you want to get caught? Or did you root for the Commissioner and agree with him that the city is like a jungle and that we need to see justice served? I think the film is set up so if one character falls, then all of the characters fall, so in the end, you're not going to get what you want.