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"Jack on Trial for Murder" episode is hilarious (**spoilers**)

WARNING: possible spoilers.

This has to be one of the best episodes of the series. Raymond Burr guest stars as Perry Mason, defending Jack on a charge of murdering a rooster. But everything goes wrong: Mason is totally incompetent. At one point Jack can't figure out how things can be going so badly, and he says that Mason always wins all his cases, but isn't winning Jack's case. Why not? Mason's answer: "Maybe I have better writers than you do."

Benny's eternal comic foil, Frank Nelson, shows up here as the prosecuting attorney, and the judge is played by Frank Wilcox, who played a judge in eight episodes of Perry Mason. The episode is priceless.

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It sure was a gut Buster. Quite a few of them, actually. I liked the own when the IRS was auditing Jack, and they interviewed Jimmy Stewart.


Yes, excellent episode as I am also a Perry Mason fan. And the audience screamed at the "better writers" line. I laughed pretty hard, too. I loved this episode so much I found it on Youtube and posted in my facebook.

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