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Engrossing but dodgy acting!

Bought the DVD of this and watched it yesterday. Very enjoyable and lovely to see old London locations before they were all redeveloped. (Doesn't London look dingy and tired in late 40's/early 50's films, even if they are B/W? I guess there was still very little paint or building materiel; it had all gone to the war effort.)

Maybe I am being fussy but one thing that struck me was the over-wrought acting in parts. When Joan Dowling sees the policeman in the street she looks horror struck and sets off at a trot, all the while glancing behind her. How to draw attention directly to yourself! And her German boyfriend, wooden as a wooden thing.

And Peter Finch, unable to take his eyes off the trunk in which the body of his dead wife lies. This is possibly the direction rather than the actors themselves. I found Jack Warner more naturalistic. And they wheeled out dear old Gladys Henson as his missus, just as she was in 'The Blue Lamp', another favourite of that period.