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Are there different versions of the ending?

I see there are different versions of the movie. The one released in the U.S. seems to be much shorter than the one I just watched on a DVD for the Asian market.

Reading over some of the comments left here, it is difficult to believe I watched the same ending.

It also seems (from the comments) that the US version may have been substantially in the English language. Is this so? In the version I just watched, there is only one line in English.


I'm not sure, but I too would like some clarity on this. I will admit that I downloaded a few versions of the film, although I did not watch them due to OCD at not knowing if I was watching the "right" version. Ultimately, though, I found versions which appeared authentic in both Italian and English.

If there were alternate language versions of the film made, then they should have their own IMDb entry and should be cataloged under the movie connections as "alternate language version", just like Anna Christie or Dracula.

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An earlier version, for U.S. release, was 81 minutes long. A longer version, 107 minutes, is available... that's the version they showed on TCM last week. I don't know what comprises the differences between the two, but the longer version seemed pretty authentic. Had some extended fishing and volcano (eruption) scenes, which might have been shortened for the earlier, 81-minute version.

As for language, the version shown on TCM was almost entirely in English, with the requisite Italian of the native Strombolinos being spoken only peripherally or in the background.