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Why this minor little nothingburger of a feud?

Never could understand the press & Hollywood fascination with this silly little feud, which didn't amount to much and had a body count hardly worth mentioning.

There were some REAL feuds, in southeastern Kentucky particularly, that went on for decades or (depending on how you count it) over a century, with body counts in the hundreds ... that we know about. The Clay County War (also called the White-Baker Feud & a few other names) continued off and on from the early 1800s up until the 30s, officially. And most of us with relatives there know it went on well into the 1950s. And possibly one shooting about 10-12 yrs ago.

The only way to make this "feud" interesting was to add all the phony nonsense and shooting that was included in the script so the audience wouldn't fall asleep.

Truly a shame to waste good actors on something faked up like this, instead of just treating it as a fictional feud.


The irony is that this film does dismiss the serious, destructive and real Hatfield-McCoy feud as something trivial and romantic. I hope by now you've watched the History Channel's Hatfield- Coy, and better still their documentary.