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No One Is Going TO Respond To This So Why Do I Bother????

I loved this film. Now i have to write a stupid 2000 word essay about it and Waiting For Godot. Stupid degree's which make you do something to earn your piece of paper!


If you want an answer you only need to utter a question.

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I have to write that same paper (being in the same course and all helps). Yes, its a literature subject. Its fun and I may never have seen the film otherwise so I'm glad we have to do it. The topic is:

"Compare Waitring for Godot and Orphaé in terms of their treatment of death and life-in-death."

If anyone has anything to add that would be a great help. In either case have a good one!


What Sean said is true! It is the literature part of our Acting degree.
What did anyone else think of Orpheus. I beieve that the only reason he goes into the underworld to retreieve his wife is because she is a possession. While she is on earth he shows no interest in her and now that she is gone he wants her back because it is normal that she would be there. I liken it when i child has to share something and they are not playing with it and then when someone else wants it they all of a sudden waht it themselves.


I see this is well after the last post, so it probably is too late to make a difference to your paper...but search out Russell Hoban's books and see what he has to say about Orpheus. He's one of the most perceptive writers I know. (Also really enjoyable to read!) Specifically, check out "The Medusa Frequency" and "The Moment Under the Moment". They might be hard to find, as they're out of print, but a good library should have them - if not, I got mine from secondhand bookshops on the web.

At three o'clock in the morning Eurydice is bound to come into it. -Russell Hoban


My theoiry is trhat orphee really is in love with death.


Yes, in person and in metaphor. But what a sacrifice death made for him and forced Heurtebise to make as well.

"Waiting for Godot" is without hope, without love, without end. There is no point. It is, I think, a nihilist play. "Orpheus," on the other hand is filled with the recovery of hope in life, the recovery of love in life, and the end comes too soon. The point is to live, love, and be loved in return. To create, Eurydice their child, Orpheus their poetry.

In "Waiting for Godot," nothing ever happens. Even death doesn't show up. In "Orpheus," death is a beautiful woman that may be embraced and will embrace in return. Death is personal; she is not just death, but Orpheus's death, Eurydice's death.

Rather than compare "Waiting for Godot" and "Orpheus," we should contrast them. In "Godot," life and death are both meaningless, filled with words. In "Orpheus," life is filled. Filled with passion, filled with loathing, filled with love, filled with anger, longing, and remorse. From that passion comes meaning. When death becomes passionate for Orpheus, she knows for the first time the meaning of love, longing, anger, and remorse. She acts for the first time on her own accord. In "Godot," no one acts, there is no passion, not even compassion. There is nothing is to be done.


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