John Garfield?

I missed seein John Garfield on 1st viewing--the3n skimmed through the film again, but still could not find him. Anyone know where in the film he appears?


If you're still looking, a frame where he's clearly identifiable is reproduced in the DVD Beaver review in IMDb's "external reviews" list!


John Garfield is in the scene where Malloy (Franchot Tone) has gone to meet "the Angel", whose card he found in the wallet of the brass-knuckled tough who broke into his office.

The scene opens on a large banner spanning the entryway of a stonework building. "Come One Come All - Annual outing of the Mohawk Political Club - Get your tickets from the Angel."

A man is leaning against the railing at the front of the building, reading a newspaper that obscures his face. When Malloy steps over and asks the man how to find "the Angel", John Garfield lowers the newspaper, and, looking him up and down, says "You're new around here, huh?" and then jerks his thumb towards the entrance to the building. & that's it for Garfield.


John Garfield was a close friend of Franchot Tone's. They'd worked together in the American Laboratory Theater in New York in the early 30s along with Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg. This was the birthplace in the US of the Stanislavski method of acting. I'm sure Garfield had dropped in on the set to visit with Tone and they'd set up the cameo while he was there.


Funny thing is that when you look up John Garfield to see what films of his can be seen on line the first one that shows is Jigsaw. Never heard of it .. will give it a look-see.

Hmmm must be an early one... he isn't in the cast list (Yes .. I should have checked the date)

Ahah .. there he is...cleverly hidden by a newspaper.

Only after sitting through the whole mess of a picture do I check the IMDb page and lo and behold a whole list of "uncredited cameos" ... wheeee ! Found Fonda and Dietrich the other ones no as don't know who they are. Everett Sloane also no as can't find the milkman.

Where's Waldo next =)