Despite being born and raised in Japan, I felt so much nostalgia. I wish I could see this from the beginning. Oh yeah, I should rent it!



Me too. I loved this movie, but my electricity went off at the very ending. Without spoiling this for others, could you tell me what happened at the end and why he hair turned green?




Good question...

Either I missed it, or they never really explained it (probably because none of the characters could).

But I can tell you what I remember:

Where I began watching, the green haired boy, Peter, was being chased by other kids with scissors. One of those kids fell and lost his glasses, but Peter showed compassion and returned those glasses to the kid. You'd think that kid would have tried to help Peter, but noooo. He grabbed Peter and further chaised him as Peter tried to escape. Peter made it home, in fear, to his adoptive father I think, and after a brief amount of drama Peter finally gave in and had his head shaved. He cried a bit, but after he became bald headed there wasn't much left of the film. I guess it pretty much ended there.

It's a bit ironic that I didn't see the beginning of the film though... Information regarding this film is also a bit difficult to find. I had to make a page for "The Boy with Green Hair" at Wikipedia, even.



His hair was green as a symbol that war is very bad for children.

At the end, it was implied that his hair will grow And he will continue spreading the message that war is very bad for children.


I always saw it as what it was like to be different -- different and hated for being different. Green hair wasn't a thing then. It made him a freak. But no one wanted to get to know who he was and that just because his hair was a freakish color didn't mean he'd changed fundamentally. He was still the same boy he always was...not that any of his "friends" cared.

I watched it when I was just a kid. I've always wanted to see it again, but I don't even know where to rent it.


It's on Youtube, Destinata.


Great! Thanks!


You're welcome.