Robby the robot?

All the posters I have seen show Forbidden Planet's ROBBY THE ROBOT as the focal
point of the poster with the army preparing to attack Robby who is holding the kid in one maw yet in all the reviews I have read.( I have not read them all) there is no mention of
this aspect. Help Because I have not seen this film ever advertised in all the years
like a lot of horror/sci fans used to circle films of these genre so we would remember
to watch them. these were pre ted turner days.

The film seemed to vanish from the mid 60's to the Turner classic period at least
in New York City.

Can anyone help explain thanks.


No posters for "The Boy With Green Hair" show Robby the Robot. In any case, Robby didn't appear on film until eight years after "The Boy With Green Hair" was made. If, however, you mistakenly put your comment on the wrong board and are referring to "Forbidden Planet" (1956), or "The Invisible Boy" (1959), then both those films are available on DVD from amazon and many other outlets.