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Am I wrong or this otehrwise excellent movie is a tad pedagogical?

I mean when the characters delivers high scool history lessons-like explanations about the pre-war and war years. They also make the movie move forward by means of explanations about what they do or what they're gonna do.

It goes without saying that the locations are quite impressive.

By the by, do you know that the secretary of the US Treasury, Henry Morgenthau devised a plan for the pastoralization of Germany. The plan enviaged that all German industrial installations should be delivered to the USRR as war reparation. Initially both Roosevelt and Churchill backed the scheme. Whereas the US secetary of war, Henry Stimson, called the plan: "a crime against civilization itself".

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Yes, it was a tad so. When Edmund stood outside his teacher's apartment building, there was another teacher/pupil team standing in the background. The adults in this boy's life, the teacher, brother, sister, father, seemed to talk to him without recognizing that he was a boy who took them literally. They just used him.

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