I missed John!!!

I like Preminger. I like Crawford and Andrews. And I love Fonda. So, it was really no problem, choosing to watch this movie. However, in the end, the reason I did so is because I'm trying to see all of John Garfield's films, and I knew that he was a "star extra" in the Stork Club scene. I caught some of the other SEs -- including Walter Winchell! -- but I missed Garfield!!! ARGH!!!

I tried to look all over, and quickly, but he still escaped me. The imdb says he's at the bar??? So, maybe I'll be able to narrow down my search and find him next time I see the film.

Luckily, the film is quite good, and very interesting. Preminger does good work, Crawford and Andrews are very good indeed, and Fonda is superb.

But, I missed John!!!



They show you where he is in the special features on the DVD. He's sitting with his back to the camera at the bar when Dan (Dana Andrews) shakes hands with that guy after Winchell at The Stork Club.



Ooooo... thanx for the lead. I'll catch it next time if it kills me!

DVD would make it a lot easier, if I wasn't to dang anal to stop a film while I'm watching it... Altho, by the time I can afford a DVD player (or, more precisely, all the thousands of DVDs I *KNOW* I'll rush out and buy if I get a player), they'll probably be obsolete!

But, thanx to you and DVDs, I'm better equipped to catch John next time I see the film (most likely on TCM).

Thanx again!

Take care,


I just saw this movie today. Afterwards, I happened to look at the full cast list and noticed John Garfield's name. What? I didn't see him in the movie. It said he's at the bar in the Stork club so I rewound the movie.

I'm sorry to say it but he is NOT in this movie; at least not enough to warrant a credit. The credit is the only reason I know the guy at the bar is him. Sure, it looks enough like him but it's just a passing shot of the back and side of his head. By now I hope you've seen it so you know you really didn't miss much.

Winchell was fully visible and his name was mentioned so his credit makes sense but not Garfield's. They weren't called that back then but Garfield's 'appearance' was NOT a cameo! When this movie was made he was already well known to the public; that's why his credit says, 'as himself'. I think he should have been one of the people Dan greeted as he came into the club so we could have gotten to see him. Then again, I do get it. Garfield may have been on the set one day so he sat at the bar; that's it. More of him in the movie may have been too much of a distraction to the story.

Woman, man! That's the way it should be Tarzan. [Tarzan and his mate]


I know it really would have been a distraction and not fit the movie at all, but Joan, er, Daisy, and John seeing each other and doing a double take like they knew each other would have been funny. Or, John could have looked like he saw a ghost and said, "Helen?" (referencing Humoresque which came out the year before Daisy Kenyon).