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So many of us have wonderful childhood memories of seeing this movie on television. The Fox Movie Channel NEVER shows it; I've e-mailed them several times, begging them. I think that even kids today, although they are so different from us, might enjoy it. But I really think my whole generation (I'm 56) has fond memories of this film. What can we do about it?


I just finished watching Tampico on TCM. They are showing a lot of movies lately with Lynn Bari and also Randolph Scott also Dean Stockwell. Keep watching TCM and I bet they'll show it. I must subscribe to the TCM guide to see what's upcoming in their movie schedule.


I hope you get this.

I loved seeing this movie when it would come on TV back in the late
50's. I am 58, and it has been one of my absolute favorites.

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I bought a copy about 2 years ago, and now I can watch it when I want.



I agree that this is one good movie with Randolph Scott playing a detective and proving he can star in movies besides westerns. Peggy Ann Garner and Dean Stockwell are very good as two of the young children and James Gleason is very good as Scott's detective partner. Hopefully it will be shown on tv soon. TCM may be the best bet. I saw this on tv in the 60s as a young teenager and it is very good.


Folks, I was able to finally buy this, even though it's VHS. You can get it from Nostalgia Family Video. They have an incredible catalogue of very hard to find movies. I can't wait to watch it; I haven't seen it since I was a kid.

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Also haven't seen this movie since my childhood (played on Channel 5 in NYC, which seemed to run a lot of 20th Century Fox movies; remember that's the channel that first showed LAURA) and agree that it's a charmer (from my memories) and one of the two starring vehicles for Peggy Ann Garner (in DAISY KENYON, for example, Garner is only in a supporting role as the elder of Dana Andrews's two daughters; Connie Marshall is the other, as she is also the sister in HOME SWEET HOMICIDE).

After A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN, 20th Century Fox knew they had a "star" (Garner won one of those juvenile Academy Awards for it), but they had no idea what to do with her.

But Garner was put into JUNIOR MISS and HOME SWEET HOMICIDE, her two starring vehicles. JUNIOR MISS has also not been shown in eons, but i remember it with great fondness. (Was the name of her best friend - played by Barbara Whiting - "Fuffy"? It's hard to forget that.)

I certainly hope that those two films will reappear again, but we all know how difficult Fox is!

(But DAISY KENYON is coming to DVD, one of the rare Crawford vehicles for 20th Century Fox, and Peggy Ann Garner and Connie Marshall are also in the cast.)