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C'mon, TCM, bring it to DVD!!

Let's make a thread petition for this to be brought to DVD. Who's with me?!?!


I'm with you!


I'm with you too!!! It is a pity that such a good movie to be enjoyed by all, is not available on DVD or videotape!!

I lucked out and bought a copy from someone on the internet. It of course was
taped from a TV showing; but it is still very enjoyable to watch.

20th Century Fox should wake up and release this so that they can make
some more money, and we can enjoy a good movie!

TCM, you would think would show this at least once a year!!



C'mon TCM! Break out that 35mm film master that Ted owns and give us a DVD release.


I'm in!

I'll sign any petition to get to see this movie.

Maybe someone should email them this thread to prove that there is interest.

My sister would be in too. We loved this movie.


Its a Fox film. Ted never owned it.



TCM can't release it, because Turner/Warner Home Video doesn't hold the rights. What people don't understand is that the network doesn't control the rights to every old movie. This movie is owned by Fox, and if it's ever released, it will be through their Archive Series.