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Decent Film Noir, But Not Up to Others

I had recorded this last week and was primed to watch it. I had a host of old movies from the 1940s/1950s on the DVR and settled in for a nice movie experience. Of all the movies I watched (Springfield Rifle, Blackbeard. Winchester 73, and Blue Dahlia), this was the weakest. Everyone with the exception of William Bendix seemed like a stiff. No one seemed all that excited to be in the movie. Every character was lifeless and one dimensional. I can't believe Chandler wrote them that way. I've read Chandler's novels. His dialogue crackles but this stuff was lame. I know the movie was rushed into production, but wow.

I thought for sure it was Buzz who killed Helen (a similar situation to Of Mice and Men). When I found out it was the house detective, it seemed a weak reveal. Then I read in the trivia that it was originally supposed to be Buzz. That made sense based on the dialogue and plot. I know why they changed it, but it ruined the movie for me.

They should have shelved the movie until Ladd returned from the war. I don't see why it was necessary to push this movie into production. It really isn't anything special.

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