I thoroughly love old classics and idioms from bygone days!

For example:
Instead of dating someone, it was "We're going together", or "He asked me to go with him". Later it became "We're going steady"

After they get married, put money in the bank and buy a house, then later "when they are with child"
"the stork will pay them a visit with a special delivery": "a new bundle of joy", "a bouncing baby boy".


He's all wet- meaning wrong.

Carry a torch- to have a crush on someone.

Drugstore cowboy - a guy hanging out on the corner to pick up girls.

Gams- girls legs

Hoofer- dancer

Scram- tell someone to leave immediately

Spiffy- an elegant appearance

Swell- wonderful

Make whoopee- kissing or making out

Hotsy-Totsy- pleasing

Heebie-Jeebies- the jitters

Kisser- mouth

In the Darb- a person who has money and can be relied on to pay the check

Moll- a gangster's girl

Dumb Dora- a stupid female

Hard boiled- a tough guy

Flat tire- a dim witted date

Dame or Broad- a woman

Any one else???


Some slangs I never heard before, interesting.