This movie is ok

I just viewed this movie tonight on DVD, and I think it's ok -- not great and not too bad. :) I did enjoy the Jerry the mouse and Gene Kelly dance scene; and some of Frank's songs. :)
I know it is only a movie, but to me, what's unrealistic is that these two sailors were on a 4 day leave from the Navy, and they both fall in love with girls they hardly knew - plus one of them has asked her for marriage! LOL But, like I said, it's only in movies that sailors can do that in a 4 day leave! *smile*


I enjoyed it a lot, but I wouldn't call it a favourite of Gene's movies. It is a bit over-long, but I enjoyed the songs and the performances, particularly If You Knew Susie and I Fall In Love Too Easily. Frank's songs are so lovely, such a beautiful voice... Random comment but when I first heard and saw Kathryn Grayson, I thought she looked and sounded very like Snow White from the Disney 1938 movie. The story's sweet, I loved the Gene/Frank collaboration and the songs and dances. But I have to make a special mention to the part after Frank's character compliments Jose Iturbi on his piano playing, when Iturbi tells him that he sings very well himself and he thanks him shyly - amazing :)

Btw to the previous poster - Clarence is idealistic, 18, naive and romantic, of course he's going to ask for her hand in marriage ;)


I agree, I'm a big Gene Kelly fan, but I have to admit, I Like about 11 or 12 of his films more than this one.


It was the 40s, they were in the Navy, it was during the war. Asking some girl you've only known for 3 days to marry you isn't a big deal. The farther back in history you go, the less time courtship genereally is.


Yeah, this isn't one of Gene's best films. However, for me it has more sentimental value because it was the first Gene Kelly movie I'd ever seen.


know it is only a movie, but to me, what's unrealistic is that these two sailors were on a 4 day leave from the Navy, and they both fall in love with girls they hardly knew - plus one of them has asked her for marriage!

Do you know how many musicals came out during the 1940's and the 1950's with an almost identical plotline? Movie musical fans back in those days could care less about realistic plotlines... people went to musicals for the singing and the dancing, they didn't care about the plot or whether or not it was believable.


The story is quite silly and simple-minded but the musical numbers are OK, and that's what fans of these kind of movies are looking for.
Plus you get that scene featuring Gene Kelly dancing with Jerry Mouse that was innovative in its use of animation and live action footage.

It wasn't my cup of tea but I know some people loves it.




This really did happen quite often. I recall my parents talking about that happening with boys and girls they knew. One couple went out on a blind date then got married the next day! He was home on leave, and they were "fixed up" and just happened to find that they were a match. People thought it wouldn't last, but they were together till his death several years ago. Mom said that girls often got engaged without really knowing a lot about the guys because there was that sense of not being together ever again. My aunt was engaged to a boy who didn't get back, and for her it must have been true love from what she said to her sisters and a few very close friends. She told them that she kept the ring in a secret compartment of her jewelry box.

Dramatic films also had this "sudden love" as a storyline. For example, in "The Clock", Judy Garland and Robert Walker portray young people who accidentally meet and, after a day of sightseeing together, fall in love then try to get married, a battle against "red tape" and deadlines. In "Miracle in the Rain", Van Johnson and Jane Wyman also have an accidental meeting that blossoms into romance though I don't think they get to marry. I'm certain there are many others.

*** The trouble with reality is there is no background music. ***


The movie is ok. The story is dull and we have sailors wanting to marry the first girl they see!

We needed more dancing from Gene and some of the songs were not that good.

Its that man again!!


The plot line was predictable and just okay. I liked the Gene Kelly and Jerry the mouse scene. the dancing with Gene and Frank Sinatra. Dean Stockwell was an adoDrable kid. A few good scenes but not great.

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I didn't realise Dean Stockwell was the kid lol.

I watched it today for the first time after missing it tons of times on BBC2 because I recorded it off Channel 5.

It was okay, I watched mainly for Frank but I like Gene too. But I definitely thought it ran far too long considering there wasn't much of a story. I was bored for the last 40 minutes or so.

I agree falling in love in 4 days and asking someone to marry you is a bit ridiculous tbh.

Dancing with Jerry was odd, very weird that's how he said he got his medal. I wonder if that is where they got the idea for Footloose from lol.

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