I like the setting

This sequel is fun for me just because of the campus setting which gives the series a bit different slant;

Bob Lowery does a credible job and Ramsay ain't bad to look at !

Lon Chaney is always dependable and Mr.Versatility...

-all in all a good rip-snorter >


I agree with your three year old comment--I really enjoyed both this and the Mummy's Curse for the different characters and different setting. They stand out more.


Thx,Tyler :

the settings help sequels as a general rule to keep matters fresh.

In the last one in the series,it aids a bit to shift to an old monastery for example.Adds a bit of the gothic and creeps us out a tad more in the cobwebby department !


...like to bring up the young actor, Robert Lowery, as he brings that 'extra' needed in a series.

He gets to act w\a tad of passion and his feelings for the girl are apparent. This, again, adds to the festivities !