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'It Happened Tomorrow' vs 'Early Edition'

Don't read if you plan on getting the DVD of this movie*

I agree with the poster on the Early Edition page that the show is based on this movie.They should have given credit to the writers of this film and the person who came up with the idea who name is in the credits.The movie was an adaptation of a book,which also was done as a play.


Tomorrow -Larry,the Prof and Sylvia/Early Edition-Gary,Chuck and Marissa

Larry & Gary both get tomorrow's newspaper

Larry's by an old man who worked for the newspaper(now dead)/Gary's by the cat who belonged to an old man who worked for the newspaper(now dead)

Larry & Garry -both save people they learn are in jeopardy from the paper.

" " "-both used the paper to make money at the track.

" "-both get arrested repeatedly by the same cop when they use the paper.

" "-both see want-ad for job and go a day early only to see a person get fired then thereby validating the want-ad.

" "-both see their obituary in the paper.

" "-both have a connection to a hotel but not the same way.

"Larry chasing a thief runs by a store named Hobbs and Son.

Gary's last name is Hobson.

The main difference is Larry wanted to keep getting the paper while Gary thought it was a curse.However Larry did come to see the paper as a curse.

credits for "It Happened Tomorrow"

Director: Rene Clair
Wriitten by: Lord Dunsunay(play)
Written by: Hugh Wedlock Jr(novel)
based on idea by: Lewis R Foster
Adaption& Screenplay: Rene Clair & Dudley Nichols

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Yeah I would like to watch this so I can compare it to EE.

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I just rented it from Netflix. I thought it was a pretty good movie, and I really enjoyed it. I used to think Early Edition was a pretty original idea. Not anymore. Like the first poster said here, I wish they would have given the credit where it was due when they made that show on CBS.


I'm not alone! Yeah it just seems like somebody chest was stuck out claiming this idea as their own when these guys laid the foundation that was the basis for the tv show. When I was in school it was called plagiarism. I don't feel different about the show-I still love it.It's just that this is unfair to the heirs of those guys.

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The inspiration in EE is so evident that you can't call it plagiarism. EE is dedicated to this movie. And I love both.

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I just finished watching It Happened Tomorrow. I may have thought it was a coincidence that Early Edition has the same premise until I saw the scene where Larry is chasing the thief. They run past a shop called "Hobb and Sons" . . .Gary Hobson? Did the creator of Early Edition really think that no one would see this movie and know where they got their inspiration?

I still love Early Edition though.


The inspiration in EE is so evident that you can't call it plagiarism. EE is dedicated to this movie. And I love both.

The people credited with the idea of E.E. who got the show green lit and wrote the pilot episode deny vehemently that any parts & characters of E.E. was in any way lifted from this movie so no they aren't dedicating anything to the creators of this film.

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