Schöler for the war effort

In a documentory/making of it was mentioned that half the cast already had its papers for going to the front in their pockets while the movie was shoot...

One just have to think about the time this "comedy" set in an idealised Germany. 1944, from now to the end of the war 1945, more Germans will die then all the years before, allied airpower owns the skys, cities are carpet bombed and are lying in ruin, the russian army breaks every defense the Wehrmacht desperatly tries to put up in the east, soon millions of Germans have to leave their home and go westward, in the middle of total war, young men and old grandpas are recruited for the war, allied forces are on the march in France, judgment day is coming and soon Germans will question all values which where once considered "German" and were perverted by the Nazies, the saying "Enjoy the war, the peace will be terrible" reminds everybody that you have to pay for your deeds, always.

And then you sit in the cinema and watch this comedy movie, which is mainly put up to boost your morale, a goverment who claims everything is ok, while defeat follows defeat, the ideal Germany in this movie is a dark reminder what those fools watching it have abondend in their prospect of being the master race ruler of Europe. But instead, a worldwide version of Wagner's Niebelungen Ring is orchestrated. "Götterdämmerung" (dawning of the gods), a word you find in the English language as well, besides "Blitzkrieg" :)

Always gets my hair neck stand when I think of this, not just because I am German as well. No wonder people are facinated by Germany, escpecially the English.




It´s quite true, most actors were ordered to go to war, after the filming was finised.
Because of that, Rühman delayed the filming quite a lot, reshooting a lot of scenes sometimes weeks later, so that he could keep the actor on set.