Annoying subtitles.

Watching now on TCM and the subtitles are mostly a series of incomplete sentences and interrupted thoughts. You can mostly fill in the blanks but that's not really the viewer's duty.

"The company wishes to announce...."
"I have a favor to ask" some German jabber "A fine idea".
"A sure sign we're getting..."

I have the image of the translator being unable to keep up with the dialogue and just throws in what he can as he can.


I just watched it (DVRd the same one you watched) and noticed no incomplete subtitles. I mean, they were complete sentences but they weren't exactly saying the same thing the actors were saying and usually they were unnecessarily truncated. For example, one snippet goes:

Ist Das alles?
Jawohl, das ist alles.

The subtitle was
Is that all?

So they left out the replied "that is all" as well as turning "jawohl" into a pathetic "yes" with not even an exclamation mark. I know virtually no German and even I picked up on many of the missing and shortened subtitles.