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Can we judge this movie solely on its merit....

Without getting into a discussion of historical events and people of that era?

I'm not questioning the accuracy of anything mentioned in this board nor am I questioning that a bunch of not very nice people who did really bad things were involved in the production of this version of the events of April 14-15 of 1912.

Simple questions...
Can this movie be called a decent piece of fiction regardless of the historical inaccuracies portrayed remembering other movies with their own inaccurate accounts of events?

Should this version perhaps be referred to as the "Plan Nine from Outer Space" of all of the various Titanic movies produced meaning it's the worst Titanic movie of all including "Titanic II".



Of course it's not the worst Titanic film out there, Nazi Germany actually excelled in propaganda films. To be honest though, this film is so incredibly obvious as solely a piece of propaganda with little regard for anything else.

I have no doubt that Selpin and other crew(including the writer who turned him over to the Gestapo) did genuinely want to create a Hollywood style film with an artistic vision. However, in Nazi Germany that goal would have been nearly impossible.

Most films with any sort of propaganda that I have seen have been fairly subtle, but this one certainly throws everything in your face. The most interesting fact about this movie is that there was double the amount of casualties of the real Titanic. As a film, it isn't even competitive as a classic, but as a propaganda film it is interesting to watch the intense hatred that you can see for the British in this film.