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Titanic: Honor and Glory video game

Just thought I'd mention this on this forum, due to it being about Titanic, and just so that I'd spread the word here.

Titanic: Honor and Glory is an independent project created by a few enthusiasts who are currently busy at recreating the RMS Titanic, where every last piece of the ship, and persons, will be recreated, and portrayed in the most accurate manner possible. You'll be able to experience the four day voyage while solving a mystery, leading up to the sinking in real time.

I've been following them for the last couple of years, and it's awesome and legit. Right now, they're in need of funds have started a fundraising campaign to give them the tools needed for the last stretch, hopefully to be released by 2016-2017.

Here are their links for you to explore:

And here's the link to their fundraiser page on Indiegogo:

If you can, I would encourage you to donate to this campaign, from a dollar to a hundred, or more if you can. Whether you can or not, spread the word about this in any way possible; info on that can be found on their website. Let's turn this game into a reality!


Gonna post some videos for you guys to watch:

Indiegogo pitch:

Walkthrough of parts of ship:

Early sinking test:

Official teaser trailer:

More videos will be posted in the coming weeks. Please donate to their fundraiser:

Then spread the word afterwards. Help these guys out.


Awesome project! I'm looking forward to it.