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Goebbels fancied himself as a great film maker

I viewed this film last night. A Netfix mailer. After watching the documentary of the making of "Nazi Titanic".

So Goebbels came up with the equivilant of $180 million.

Goebbels certainly did not get his money's worth.

I get the part where (for some on known reason) they had a "German" captian on the Titanic. You see he was the only guy who had all the right answers and all the major investor of White Line and of course Astor where all greedy dumbass's. He was also the hero of the Nazi story. He even risked his life to save a little girl while all the greedy Brits where saving themselves. And that is the propaganda portion of the film. You are told that capitalism is very bad...but the Germans have all the answers.

At one time Germany was known for great cinema. But when the great film makers, most of them Jews, fled to the US Germany was by far inferior to Hollywood.
Titanic 1943 was supposed to be the next "Gone with the Wind" as far as production quality, acting, directing and special effects. I think they really missed their mark.

Did you see the scene where the Titanic finnaly went under? Even for 1943 standards it was amature at best.


The German hero was the First Officer, not the Captain. Titanic's production was a mess and it wasn't even fully completed after Goebbels murdered the director (talk about cutting off your own nose to spite your face!), so it's not a good representation of German cinema under the Nazis, though the talent behind it was tremendous. Things just didn't gel, though it does fit in well with UFA's cycle of lavish historical anti-British melodramas; they also covered the tragic stories of Joan of Arc and Mary Stuart.

To see the true bloated extravagance of Goebbels sponsored vanity projects, I suggest you check out 1943's Munchausen (German's answer to the The Wizard of Oz) and 1944's Kolberg (Germany's actual answer to Gone with the Wind.)

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Bloated both of those films are, but neither of them are bad movies.

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It's easy to single out Gone With The Wind as a success, but there were countless other American movies made that were not as successful. Why hold the Germans to such high standards that every one of their films ought to be a shining success?

How does providing funding for a film make Goebbels a filmmaker? Why would he fancy himself a filmmaker?

What exactly was the mark of this movie, to appeal to American audiences who loathe the Nazis 70 years later, or to appeal to Germans in the 40s?

What a bunch of stupid comments you've made.

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Goebbels foray into the film for propaganda was not new, it had been part of the strategy designed by the National Socialist German Workers Party as early as 1930, when the party first established a film department. In order to maximize the effect for propaganda potential, Goebbels took control of the entire German film industry and even nationalized film production and distribution.

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